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What is a TXT record?

A TXT record, or Text record, is a unique form of DNS (Domain Name System) record. Unlike other DNS records, such as A or CNAME records, a TXT record doesn't map a hostname to a server. Instead, it provides human-readable or machine-readable information about a domain. Various services can read these TXT records to perform specific actions or gain certain insights.

Here are a few key applications of TXT records:

  1. SPF Records: Sender Policy Framework (SPF) records are incorporated into TXT records to specify which servers are permitted to send emails on behalf of your domain. By doing so, SPF records contribute to reducing the amount of spam or illegitimate emails associated with your domain.

  2. Domain Authentication: Several web services mandate domain owners to insert specific TXT records into their DNS configuration to verify their ownership. This requirement is common during the setup of web analytics tools, search engine optimization (SEO) platforms, and more. The most common example we see is Google Apps.  To view Google Apps' TXT record values, follow this link.

Do I need to add a trailing period to TXT records in Directnic?

No, you don't need to manually add a trailing period when entering TXT records in Directnic. Our system automatically appends the trailing period upon submission, ensuring that your DNS records are formatted correctly

Remember, handling DNS records, including TXT records, should be done with care. Incorrect modifications may lead to website downtime or delivery issues with your email. If you're unsure, seek assistance from a professional or your hosting provider.

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